For all your cater hire needs. We stock a large and varied array of Catering Equipment and Kitchen Equipment for hire.

This equipment, which is mainly employed in our Rental kitchens, is also available for hire on an individual or loose catering equipment hire basis.

Our range includes Combi Oven hire in various sizes (both gas and electric), gas brat pan hire, electric brat pan hire, deep fat fryer hire, oven hire, grill hire, Hot and Cold servery hire, range hire, Ban marie hire, Alto Sham hire, holding oven hire and much more besides.

Other Miscellaneous Equipment

Jack Stack Hire

heated hotplate
Heat Lamps Hire

5 Well Bain Marie Hire
5 Well Bain Marie Hire

Insect-a-zap Hire

soup kettle
Soup Kettle Hire

3 Well Bain Marie Hire
3 Well Bain Marie Hire

4 Well Bain Marie Hire
4 Well Bain Marie Hire

Alto Shaam Banquet cart 2_171x240
2 Door Banqueting Cart Hire

heated display unit
Heated Display Unit Hire

Water Boiler Hire

Burco Boiler Hire